Portland Headshot Photographer and commercial studio.
From our commercial shoot with Madoc Jewelry, and model Cindy Peters, photographed by Portland Headshot and Commercial

Business Portraits for Entrepreneurs, Actors, and Corporate Teams

Professionals, entrepreneurs, actors and corporate teams are constantly online these days, and first impressions matter.

That’s why the quality of your headshot matters. In fact for my own business, by the time a client contacts me, they’ve most likely already looked at my Facebook page, seen me in google results, seen me on my website, and possibly on Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, and so on long before I get a chance to get into a conversation with them. And part of what they base their impression on, is the quality of my headshot.

In fact, I want you headshot to look so great, that when a client contacts you about your business, they compliment you on your headshot too.

That’s why we’ve set Portland Headshot up as a gorgeous, inviting studio space, have partnered with Tulu Salon and Spa to prep you before your session, and made the process for you as our client so simple. I want you to love working with me so much that it shows in your photograph.

Whether you’re an individual looking to update your headshot, a representative from a team of professionals looking for a company that can handle 1,600 employee photographs, or a CEO, author or actor looking for a branding session to put images out there to sell you and your product, all you need to do is contact me.

Check out our portfolios, and if you see what you’re looking for, contact us to talk about booking a session.